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My research interests focus on the modelling of problems in biomedical science and public health, meta-research, research methodology, statistics, and health systems. I place special emphasis on population health, oncology, medical statistics, public health, tumour models, and analysis of biological data and imaging sets. I also have research interests in societal understanding of science and medicine, biomedical statistics, health policy, screening programmes, health disinformation, and meta-research, modelling how reproducible results in biomedicine are. Aside from that, I have authored papers on the physics of electric guitar playing, and on belief in conspiracy theories,. My google scholar profile is here, and selection of my papers with download links are given below - feel free to contact me for any data / queries. Where papers are open access, I have linked directly to Journal site - for non open-access papers, I have included links to the Author proof.  Please note I often forget to update this page, so scholar is likely more current, and lists preprints under review.  


  • "Limitations of the radiosensitivity index as a direct prognostic marker" - DR Grimes,  Lancet Oncology, Available here

  • "Balancing benefits and potential risks of vaccination: the precautionary principle and the law of unintended consequences" - DR Grimes,  BMJ Evidence Based Medicine, Available here

  • "The ellipse of insignificance, a refined fragility index for ascertaining robustness of results in dichotomous outcome trials" - DR Grimes,  eLife, Available here

  • "Evidence Base on the Potential Carcinogenicity of Radiofrequency Radiation—Reply. " - DR Grimes, JAMA Oncology, Available here

  • "Radiofrequency radiation and cancer: a review" - DR Grimes, JAMA Oncology, Available here

  • "Covid-19: An urgent call for global ‘vaccines-plus’ action " - Greenhalgh et al, BMJ, Available here

  • "The struggle against cancer misinformation. " - DR Grimes,  Cancer Discovery, Available here


  • "Evidence for hypoxia increasing the tempo of evolution in glioblastoma " - DR Grimes et al,  British journal of Cancer, Available here

  • "The new normal? Redaction bias in biomedical science. " - DR Grimes & J Heathers,  Royal Society Interface, Available here

  • Association between magnetic field exposure and miscarriage risk is not supported by the data" " - DR Grimes, & J Heathers, Scientific Reports, Available here

  • "Modeling Cervical Cancer Screening Strategies With Varying Levels of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination. " - DR Grimes, et al, JAMA Network Open, Available here

  • "Medical disinformation and the unviable nature of COVID-19 conspiracy theories. " - DR Grimes,  PLOS one, Available here


  • "Evidence for hypoxia increasing the tempo of evolution in glioblastoma " - DR Grimes et al,  British journal of Cancer, Available here

  • "Health disinformation & social media: The crucial role of information hygiene in mitigating conspiracy theory and infodemics. " - DR Grimes,  EMBO reports, Available here

  • "Estimation of the oxygen enhancement ratio for charged particle radiation. " - DR Grimes,  Physics in Medicine and Biology, Available here

  • "Establishing a taxonomy of potential hazards associated with communicating medical science in the age of disinformation. " - DR Grimes,  LJ Brennan, R O'Connor,  BMJ Open, Available here

  • "Close Encounters of the Cell Kind: The Impact of Contact Inhibition on Tumour Growth and Cancer Models. " - DR Grimes,  AG Fletcher,  Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, Available here


  • "A dangerous balancing act: On matters of science, a well-meaning desire to present all views equally can be an Trojan horse for damaging falsehoods. " - DR Grimes,  EMBO reports, Available here

  • "Nuclear Uptake of Gold Nanoparticles Deduced Using Dual‐Angle X‐Ray Fluorescence Mapping" - A McCulloch, L Bennie, JA Coulter, HO McCarthy, B Dromey, DR Grimes, P Quinn, B Villagomez‐Bernabe, FJ Currell, Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, Available here. 


  • "Access to HPV vaccination for boys in the United Kingdom" - G Prue, DR Grimes,  P Baker,M Lawler,  Medicine Access, Available here

  • "Oxygen diffusion in ellipsoidal tumour spheroids" - DR Grimes,   FJ Currell, Royal Society Open Science. Available here

  • "Hypoxia increases the tempo of evolution in the peri-necrotic niche in glioblastoma" - DR Grimes, RJ Macauley,  FJ Currell, JG Scott, D Basanta- BioRxiv Preprint Available here

  • "Observation of dose-rate dependence in a Fricke dosimeter irradiated at low dose rates with monoenergetic X-rays" - M O’Leary, D Boscolo, N Breslin, JMC Brown, IP Dolbnya, C Emerson, C Figueira, OJL Fox, DR Grimes, V Ivosev, AK Kleppe, A McCulloch, I Pape, C Polin, N Wardlow, FJ Currell- Nature Scientific Reports Available here

  • "Distinguishing polemic from commentary in science: Some guidelines illustrated with the case of Sage and Burgio, 2017" - DR Grimes, DV Bishop,  Child Development- Expanded PeerJ Preprint Available here

  • Modeling Science Trustworthiness Under Publish Or Perish Pressure" - DR Grimes, CT Bauch and JPA Ioannidis,  Royal Society Open Science,  Available here


  • "Dose quantification in UV phototherapy" - DR Grimes,  Ultraviolet Light in Human Health, Diseases and Environment (Book Chapter), pp 349-360, Springer Publishing. Chapter available upon request. 

  • "An approximate analytical solution of the Bethe equation for charged particles in the radiotherapeutic energy range" - DR Grimes, DR Warren and M Partridge, Nature Scientific Reports - Available here (Open access) 

  • "Hypoxia imaging and radiotherapy: bridging the resolution gap" - DR Grimes, DR Warren and S Warren,  British Journal of Radiology - Available here (Open access)


  • "Oxygen partial pressure is a rate-limiting parameter for cell proliferation in 3D spheroids grown in Physioxic culture condition" - A Gomes, L Guillaume, DR Grimes, J Fehrenbach, V Lobjois, B Ducommun, PLoS One - Available here (Open access)

  • "Simulation of parabolic reflectors for ultraviolet phototherapy" - DR Grimes, Physics in Medicine and Biology - Available here (ResearchGate author proof)  

  • "The role of oxygen in avascular tumor growth" - DR Grimes, P Kannan, A McIntyre, A Kavanagh, A Siddiky, S Wigfield, A Harris, M Partridge, PLoS One - Available here (Open Access) 


  • "Estimating oxygen distribution from vasculature in three-dimensional tumour tissue" - DR Grimes, P Kannan, DR Warren, B Markelc, R Bates, R Muschel, M Partridge, journal of the Royal Society Interface - Available here (Open Access). 

  • "Methods: using three-dimensional culture (spheroids) as an in vitro model of tumour hypoxia" - R Leek, DR Grimes, AL Harris, A McIntyre, Tumor Microenvironment - Author proof available here.

  • "On the viability of conspiratorial beliefs" - DR Grimes, PLoS One - Available here (Open Access)


  • "A mechanistic investigation of the oxygen fixation hypothesis and oxygen enhancement ratio" - DR Grimes, M Partridge, Biomedical physics and engineering express - Available here (Open access)

  • "Commentary on “Are fluoride levels in drinking water associated with hypothyroidism prevalence in England? A large observational study of GP practice data and fluoride levels in drinking water”" - DR Grimes, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Author Proof available here. 

  • "Ultraviolet radiation therapy and UVR dose models" - DR Grimes, Medical Physics - Available here (Open Access)


  • "Oxygen consumption dynamics in steady-state tumour models" - DR Grimes, AG Fletcher, M Partridge, Royal Society Open Science -Available here (Open Access) 

  • "String Theory - The Physics of String-Bending and Other Electric Guitar Techniques" - DR Grimes, PLoS One - Available here (Open Access)

  • "A method for estimating the oxygen consumption rate in multicellular tumour spheroids" - DR Grimes, C Kelly, K Bloch, M Partridge, Journal of Royal Society Interface - Available here (Open Access).  


  • "Can you kill your enemy by giving homeopathy? Response by DR Grimes" - DR Grimes, International Journal of Clinical Practice - Author Proof available here, 


  • "A computational simulation of reflector and tube effects in ultraviolet phototherapy" - DR Grimes, Physics in Medicine and Biology. Author Proof available here. 

  • "Proposed mechanisms for homeopathy are physically impossible" - DR Grimes, Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies. Author Proof available here. 

  • "Investigations of cabin design in UV phototherapy" - DR Grimes, CJ Martin, G Phanco, Medical Physics - Author Proof available here. 


  • "Reflection modeling in ultraviolet phototherapy" - DR Grimes,  C Robbins, CJ Martin, G Phanco, NJ O'Hare, Medical Physics - Author proof available here. 

  • "Development of a radiation computation dose model for use in ultraviolet phototherapy​" - DR Grimes, Doctoral Thesis, Dublin City University - Available here


  • "Dose modeling in ultraviolet phototherapy" - DR Grimes, C Robbins, NJ O'Hare, Medical Physics - Author Proof available here. 

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